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Sacramento Drip System Repair & Installation

Sacramento drip system keeps a purple flower thrivingWhen you need sprinkler repairs done in Sacramento, we're the team to call. But a pop up head system isn't always the best choice for your planting areas. Sure, if you have a large expanse of lawn, pop up heads are a fine choice, but for specimen plantings, flower beds and vegetable gardens, the slow steady release of a drip irrigation system is probably better.

A drip irrigation system delivers a steady drip of water directly to the roots of plants and nowhere else. This means that there s no extra water dropped in the area for weeds to feed off from. In addition to having less weeding to do, you'll also use considerably less water with a drip system than with a spray head. Drip irrigation systems can be outfitted with special liquid fertilizers and weed control chemicals to enhance the quality of water that is delivered to your plants.

Always Use A Drip Irrigation System for Foundation Plantings

Drip system repair in Sacramento revives dormant succulentAs the experts in Sacramento on drip irrigation we feel it is our job to point out that using a spray head system on foundation plantings actually defeats the purpose of having a foundation planting in the first place. Foundation plantings are there to prevent excess water from pooling against the foundation of the house and causing weathering damage. Spray heads usually end up spraying directly on the foundation and invite cracking. Using a drip irrigation system for foundation plantings eliminates this problem while still allowing the plants to perform their function. Drip lines can be attached to remote rain sensors to prevent over watering.

Vegetable gardens are another great place for drip irrigation lines. Freshly tilled gardens are notorious for weed growth. By keeping the water directly on the vegetable roots, they can better absorb the nutrients in the soil and prevent weeds.  The vegetables will grow faster and more vigorously and can be fertilized directly through the drip lines themselves.

Drip irrigation is also cheaper to install and maintain than typical pop up head systems. There are fewer moving parts and thus fewer places that things can break. Call our Sacramento drip irrigation team to set up a consultation today.