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Irrigation Coverage

Our Sacramento sprinkler repair team can optimize your system coverage

Our Sacramento irrigation repair team installs systems that maximize coverage

One of the most important things that a sprinkler repair technician does is to set the overall coverage of your system. If there are areas of your lawn that are not getting enough water, or areas that are getting too much, this can make your lawn look patchy. It could lead to lush green patches that grow twice as fast as others or, in a worse case, leave you with bare or browning patches.

Let Our Sacramento Irrigation Repair & Installation Team Audit Your System

When our Sacramento irrigation repair team first comes to your home, we will ask you if you want a sprinkler coverage audit. We won't force you to get one, but it is strongly suggested. If your system isn't delivering the correct amount of irrigation to your lawn, not only will your yard not look as good as it could, it will cost more money too.  A fully optimized system will run for less time and use less water than one that hasn't been fine tuned in a year.

Our Sacramento sprinkler techs usually do a full water audit every spring during set-up, but we can do them at any time of the year. Because sprinkler systems are rarely used during the cool, wet winter months, this is generally not a good time to work on coverage. But, you also don't want to wait until the heat of July and August when your grass is at its most vulnerable. We always suggest a spring date for coverage audits, but they can often be done near the end of September or beginning of October. It's actually easier to get an appointment then, as the season is coming to an end.

lawn thriving thanks to our Sacramento irrigation specialistsOne of the more unfortunate things about older sprinkler systems is that they were one-size-fits-all types that weren't well spaced. They were set up to make sure that one sprinkler head covered each are of the lawn. A more efficient watering pattern uses three sprinkler heads to water each area to provide the amount of water necessary to seep to the root level of the grass. This promotes deeper root growth and stronger, healthier grass. We often end up having to add extra runs on to an existing system to achieve this desired coverage.

Call our Sacramento sprinkler repair team for a sprinkler system coverage audit today. We'll be able to get your yard looking better in a matter of weeks.